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City of Cesis

Cesis is a historical town with an ancient castle, a church, parks and cozy cafes. The Gauja river flows past the city. Cesis is one of the oldest cities in Latvia, a city of the Hanseatic League and one of the residences of the masters of the Livonian Order. Cesis is the birthplace of the Latvian flag.

Eagle Cliffs

Eagle cliffs are an outcrop of Devonian sandstone on the left bank of the river Gauja. Eagle Cliffs is a protected geological natural monument of national importance, as well as a protected biotope of Latvian and European Union importance. The cliffs are about 700 meters long and 18-26 meters high. Located 5 km away.


"Kazu grava"

"Kazu grava" is located in Priekuli parish, near the P20 highway. "Kazu grava" is a state protected area. There are several important sights in this valley. The largest of them, the Great Waterfall of svevn springs, is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Latvia. Located 3 km away.


In the "Svetavots" nature park, every visitor is welcomed as a special guest who learns the story of the history of "Svetavots", the special values of water, and everyone will be offered a unique opportunity to listen to the legend shrouded in mystery and perform an ancient ritual - to receive strength from "Svetavots" (holy) water, which will be unforgettable memories and feelings. Located 5 km away.



At a distance of 3 km, the most popular and most beautiful river Gauja boating route is available. "Briedisi", "Vecupe", "Edernieki", "Leimani" and "Springi" rocks and other magnificent outcrops are visible from the Gauja river. Majestic "Kuku" cliffs and multi-stage rapids will thrill boaters. The final point of the route is the Ligatne ferry - the only ferry of this type in the Baltics.

"Raunas staburags"

The object is a limestone formation approximately 3.5 m high and 17 m long, formed by the calcification of moss in the calcium carbonate-containing spring water over many centuries. The spring that flows over "Staburags" continues to grow it even today. There is a niche up to 1.1m high and up to 1.3m deep in the formation, where the waters of the springs are flowing.
The total length of the stepped cliff is 35 m.
The facility is easily accessible. A trail has been created for visitors to the natural object.
"Raunas Staburags" is 25 km away.

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